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Holocaust and Genocide Memorial Grove at Sonoma State University by Jann Nunn
Erna and Arthur Salm Holocaust and Genocide Memorial

Glass, granite, railroad tracks, asphalt, bricks, stone, internal lighti
12’ x 10’ x 45’

This sculpture symbolizes the atrocities of genocide without being trivial or macabre. Railroad tracks, emblematic of the deportations of the Holocaust – the most studied of all genocides – converge toward the glass tower, which serves as a beacon of hope that, with educational efforts, genocide will diminish, though such horrors continue to occur. At night the tower of 5,000 pieces of glass is internally illuminated, radiating through the darkness the values of tolerance and justice. Tracks, barely discernible across the footpath, fail to interrupt the cadence of our daily lives, while the names of victims memorialized in brick remind us that we are all still vulnerable to the devastation of genocide. Jann Nunn, sculptor

Photo: Don S. Greenberg