Artwork > Sometimes I See You in My Dream

Jann Nunn Outdoor Sculpture
Sometimes I See You in My Dream
Stainless Steel, Powder Coating
10' x 32' x 11'

I designed Sometimes I See You in My Dream as a visual paean to the memory of Al Voigt. With this work, I chose the metaphor of the ripple to evoke a sense of Al’s profound intellect and genius and humanity.

Like a pebble tossed into a pond or endless flowing tears, an object contacting a liquid surface creates ripples. Sometimes I See You in My Dream addresses not only the sense of loss and memory but also of joy and gratitude.

The sculpture can be seen in a variety of ways. Upon approach, the horizontal reflective edges of the stainless steel give the impression of gentle ripples upon the surface of an invisible body of water. The work, set into a depression in the landscape, is seen from the roadway at eye-level. Beneath the sculpture, a canopy of ripples hovering ten feet overhead engulfs the viewer. Against the sky, it elicits the feeling of being underwater or subsumed by its scale. Finally, in another setting, the sculpture can be experienced by looking down upon the top of the ripples.