Hand-cut Paper Sculpture > New Punctuation

Jann Nunn Hand-cut paper sculpture
New Punctuation Series
Hand cut Archival Microprint Paper, Nylon, Cast Plastic
Installation view- Dimensions variable

“New Punctuation” is a series of 16 small sculptures. Each layer of the sculpture is individually hand cut from a sheet of archival microprint paper- similar to the more common microfiche. Its obsolete technology has been replaced by more efficient digital formats. This beautiful paper, replete with information accessible only through magnification, was spared from recycling when a librarian at Sonoma State University, where I teach Sculpture, had the foresight to send it my way.

To date, I have created several works of art with microprint paper. It began with “!” for a show in NYC based on Strunk + White’s “The Elements of Style.” Last year I began the on-going series “Dreaming of Machu Picchu” and this year I completed “Arc of the Atlas,” both of which can be seen in my solo show at Hammerfriar Gallery in Healdsburg now through Oct 6.