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Jann Nunn Sculpture Oakland Artist

Political in focus, Jann Nunn’s work focuses on deconstructing narratives of dominance and suppression. In resonance with the strategies of cultural investigation pursued by the French philosopher Michel Foucault, Nunn’s work accentuate and expose social hierarchies and powers that establish domination in the guise of a benevolent and neutral facade. With these interests in mind, she has evolved a wide range of sculptural, installation and performance art pieces that variously address environmental, sexual and cultural manifestations of hierarchical domination and its inverse, suppression and even exploitation. Born and raised in a military family, Nunn experienced from an early age the rigidities and regimentations of highly structured and legislated forms of personal and social conduct. These experiences, in turn, inform her inquires into the larger philosophical problems related to structuralist and post-structuralist thought, both analyzing and redressing traditionally encoded forms of seemingly omnipotent social powers and narratives. Seeking to emphasize non-hierarchical forms of equanimity and social freedom, her works exemplify postmodern issues of difference, granting and giving presence and voice to those who have been traditionally marginalized and repressed.

Collette Chattopadhyay

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